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Vetalogica VitaRapid Oral Care for Dogs 210gm

Introducing our Fast-Acting Treats with Yucca Herbal Extract and Prebiotics - the ultimate solution for maintaining your dog's oral care!

Did you know that your dog's mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria? That's why we formulated our treats with concentrated levels of Yucca Herbal Extract, Prebiotics, and antioxidants to help maintain healthy gums and strong teeth. Plus, our exclusive VitaRapid® Quick-Release blend ensures that your dog gets the essential vitamins and minerals they need for optimal wellbeing.

Unlike other dog treats, our VitaRapid Oral Care Daily Treats for Dogs are free from Corn, Wheat, Rice, Artificial Colours, and Flavours. And with our fast-acting formula, you can rest assured that your dog's oral care is taken care of in a convenient and delicious treat form.

Don't wait until serious oral health issues arise - use our VitaRapid® Oral Care Daily Treats for Dogs formulation daily to ensure your dog's oral health is at its best. Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients has been carefully researched and developed by Scientists, Chemists, Veterinarians, and Flavour Experts to provide the best possible care for your furry friend.

Try our Fast-Acting Treats today and see the difference in your dog's oral care!


Net Weight: 210g (approximately 28 VitaRapid Treats).

Expiry Date 30/04/2024

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