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Free metro shipping on orders over $49 Check Postcode
Free metro shipping on orders over $49

Check Postcode

How Can I Spend My Points?

50 Points = 5% Discount Code

For every 50 points you earn, redeem a 5% discount to save on our store.

200 Points = $10 Cash Voucher

For every 200 points you earn, receive a $10 discount or donate it to a rescue home.

500 Points = $20 Cash Voucher

For every 500 points you earn, receive a $20 discount or donate it to a rescue home.

1000 Points = Free Product

Receive a free product from our collection when you redeem 1000 points.

Or head to the rewards widget on the bottom left corner.

Why Join The Pack?

  • Gets store wide discounts

  • Supports rescue animals

  • Celebrates your birthday

  • Donates for change

  • No ongoing discounts

  • No exclusive perks

  • Boring birthdays

  • No free products

How Can I Earn My Points?

$1 Spent 1 Point Earned

For every $1 you spend, you will earn 1 point.

If you spend $200 on our store, you will receive 200 points. You can then redeem those 200 points for a $10 discount code.

Social Media = 5 Points

For each social media platform you follow us on, earn 5 points each! 

If you followed us on your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube - You would earn 20 points.

Birthday = 50 Points

Yep... Get 50 points on your birthday just for being born! 

Let us know your birthday on the signup page. When your special day comes around, you will receive 50 points through your email!

  Review = 20 points

Leave a review about our company and receive 20 points.

Leave us a review on our Trustpilot, Product Review or any other verified platform and let us know to receive 20 points.

Or try the rewards widget on the bottom left hand corner.

Our Customers Usually Ask..

1. How Do I Sign Up

You can sign up via our 'Join Now' button on this page, or press our 'rewards' button on the side panel of our website. Check your emails for verification, and then log in to our store. Head to the widget on the bottom left corner to check your points and redeem them for cash. For quicker access, join here.

2. How Do I Redeem My Points?

To redeem your points, you will need to head to our widget and log in. You will then see how many points you have, and you may redeem them there for cash. Look at how many points you have and what you can get with the points as you take part in more activities. 
3. How Do I Add My Discount?

You will get a personalised discount code via email or on the widget. When you add your items to cart, there will be a section to paste your discount code into. 

4. How Can I Donate My Store Credit?

Firstly, thankyou. If you decide to donate your store credit, we truly appreciate it. Please head to our 'donations' page and you may enter your discount code at the checkout to successfully donate. You will not be charged for your donation unless you decide to donate your own money. We welcome all customers to donate their own cash, or their store credits.

5. How Do You Donate Our Funds?

Once we process your donation, your funds will be distributed in cash or at stock value to our rescue organisation partners. You will get an email letting you know about where this donation is going. Learn more about who we support on our about us page.