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Is tofu cat litter good for your cat?

Is tofu cat litter good for your cat?

Tasty treat or essential cat product? You be the judge. Well, if you have a cat then you know that cat litter is essential but not all cat litter is the same. Some types work better, and some cats prefer certain types of cat litter. Will tofu cat litter be useful for cat and living situation?


What are the benefits of tofu cat litter?

Tofu cat litter has a set of unique benefits. Some other cat litter types can do the same things but not everything combined.

Flush down the toilet. You can flush tofu cat litter down any regular toilet. Try doing that with clay-based cat litter and you can end up with blocked pipes. Clean-up cat litter fast. Get rid of smells and save on time.

Low dust. Do you have allergies or health concerns? Some cat litter can get very dusty. Clay cat litter can contain silica dust which can cause permanent lung scarring. Tofu cat litter has little to no dust and any dust created is not dangerous silica dust. Why risk your health when you have safer options?

Clumping. Cleaning and sifting through cat litter is a chore. Make your job a little easier with clumping tofu cat litter. Scoop out the mess and dispose it in the toilet or garbage bin.

Environmentally friendly. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Tofu cat litter is a byproduct of making soy milk. It used to be waste, now it becomes your cat litter. Every little bit helps. Renewable resources are best. Traditional clay cat litter is mined like too many other resources.

Soft on cat paws. Cats are fickle creatures. Cats are like us though. They don’t like walking on hard and unpleasant surfaces. Tofu cat litter is softer. If you cat doesn’t like walking on other cat litter types, try out tofu cat litter.

Less mess. Cats are not gentle. Your cat can track litter around your house. Long tofu cat litter pellets are less likely to stick to your cat’s paws. Smaller cat litter pieces stick to your cat paws more. Larger pellet size means less cleaning for you.

Delicious (but actually just food-safe). We joke. Unlike most other litter, your cat can eat tofu cat litter. It may not be very nutritious, but your cat can munch it safely. Clumping cat litter made from bentonite clay can cause blockages if your cat eats it. Most cats are smart enough not to eat their litter but why play with fire?

Less smells. Cats are not a basket of flowers. Their poop smells. Lucky for you, your tofu cat litter does a great job of neutralising smells. Your cat can also bury their poop with ease. Less exposure means less bad smells.


But tofu cat litter is not perfect.

Moisture. You need to store your tofu cat litter in an air-tight container when opened. Tofu cat litter is super absorbent. Great for your cat but bad in humid environments. If you store it poorly, you might get mould in your tofu cat litter and have to throw it out.

Cost. You can go for cheaper cat litter. Maybe it will work out for you. We hope it does, but there is a reason we stock tofu cat litter. Try out the competition and if doesn’t work out, spend a little more on our PaWz Tofu Cat Litter.


There are other types of cat litter right?

We will save you some of the research time. There are many different types of cat litter. Some have been around for years. Others are quite new.


Clay cat litter. The oldest type of cat litter. If you are thinking of classic cat litter, it is made of clay. You can get clumping and non-clumping versions of clay cat litter. Each brand has a different formulation so test the market to find one that might work for you. Often the cheapest option too!

Crystal cat litter. Sounds fancy and is also know as silica cat litter. This can be the same kind of stuff found in those small packages to keep your food dry. We suggest you buy a small bag to test as it can be quite expensive. It is also easily tracked around your house. On the plus side, it is great for odour control and is lower maintenance than other cat litters.

Paper cat litter. Pretty similar to tofu cat litter but been on the market longer. Biodegradable but you can’t drop it in your toilet and flush. It is usually made from recycled paper, so you are doing your little bit for the environment. The downside is perhaps more smells and more frequent litter changes. There is no perfect cat litter.

Walnut cat litter. Just when you thought you knew every type of cat litter. Made from walnut shells. Biodegradable and eco-friendly. Maybe a little harder to find but if your other cat litter types don’t work for your cat, try walnut cat litter. Beware as it is dark coloured so finding out what to scoop is harder.

Pine pellet cat litter. You might have also seen it called wood pellet cat litter. Love that pine scent. This is the cat litter for you. Like tofu cat litter this is low tracking, but your cat may find the texture uncomfortable. A nice eco-friendly option to test with your cat.

Corn cat litter. Corn cat litter has similar benefits and negatives to tofu cat litter. It is flushable and biodegradable. Some people might not like the smell but to each their own. Corn cat litter is more easily tracked by your cat due to the small pellet size.

Alternative uses for cat litter

Cat litter is very absorbent. Perfect if you need to soak up liquid or clear out odours. Cat litter can be a cheap and potentially environmentally friendly option. Get smells out of old shoes. Soak up oil or paint spills or even vomit. Little know fact, but some cat litters started their life cleaning up oil spills in factories.

Got odours in your fridge? Put any type of cat litter in a tub to absorb those odours. Some cat litter like tofu cat litter work better for this.

Want to dry flowers? Add cat litter in a sealed container and place your flowers on top. Wait a few days or a week or so and your flowers will be dried.

Got a cupboard that has moisture issues and gets musty. Place an open container of cat litter in the bottom. Replace it every so often as it absorbs moisture from the air.

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