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PaWz House Cat Litter Box

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Color: Blue

Trained your cat to use a cat litter box? Superb. That litter still gets kicked everywhere? Sadness. Attach the tray to catch litter as your cat hops out of their kitty litter box.

Do you close the door when you go to the toilet? Cats desire privacyย too. Your cat litter box enclosure gives them a sense of security and safety. Entry through the two-way door.

Slide the tray out. Use the included scoop to lift out any kitty waste products. If the cat litter tray box is getting a bit funky, give it a scrub. Let it dry and you are good to use it again.

Cats love to scratch and bite things. Lucky for you, this is designed for cats. Your cat can get in and out thousands of times. Not suitable for super chonkers cats though.

Hang a bamboo charcoal bag in the chimney of your cat litter box to reduce odours. Every little bit helps. If only training a cat to use a human toilet was easier!

Key features

  • Pull-out drawer to change litter quickly
  • Fully-enclosed to give your cat privacy and reduce smells
  • Knock-off tray to stop litter getting spread around
  • Mini-shovel included
  • Can put a bamboo charcoal deodorant bag in the small chimney to reduce odours
  • 1 x PaWz Cat Litter Box

Brand: PaWz

Material: PP plastic

Overall dimensions: 44cm x 40cm x 45cm (W x D x H)

Door dimensions: 17cm x 22cm (W x H)

Cat litter mat dimensions: 42cm x 22cm (W x D)

Colour: Grey / Blue

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