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As autumn draws near, the days grow short and the nights get cooler. The temperature starts to drop. Itโ€™s important to keep your pup warm. Plan ahead to keep them safe. After all, they are part of your family too!

Now is the time to invest in your dog. You can always wait till you really need it but let your dog gain the benefits now. A happy dog is a happy house!


A Calming Dog Bed

Do you sleep like a baby? Well, we mean do you sleep so well nothing will wake you? 80% of that is likely your comfortable bed. What about your dog? Have you asked them how comfy their bed is? I never have, but if your dog could talk, I am sure they have some great stories.

Studies listed on showed that over 72.5% of dogs will develop anxiety throughout their life. Over 25% of them will struggle with separation anxiety.

Autumn signifies a return to busy work and school routines. It is more critical than ever to ensure your furry companion has a safe and relaxing place to rest and sleep.

Pet owners have been praising the calming dog bed with a removable cover.

Its cosiness, durability, and of course, the ability to wash off the fur has hundreds of owners leaving great reviews online.

Our calming dog bed has soft and comfortable imitation fur. We believe it promotes deep andย  restful sleep for your dog. Sleep is after all essential for health and happiness.

Moreover, a calming bed can help to reduce destructive behaviours such as chewing, digging, and scratching.


Car booster seat

Autumn brings about road trips and outdoor adventures. The weather is cooler but not that cold. Keep your dog safe on those car rides. Our dog car booster seat keeps your dog safe and comfortable as you head off into the countryside.

Your dog car booster seat provides a safer seat in the event of a sudden stop or even accident. Prevent your dog (or cat) from being thrown around the car. Protect yourself and your pet. Nobody wants to risk their pup being hurt on a car ride.

Your dog watches the scenery on their elevated seat as you drive along. This can help to reduce feelings of motion sickness. Nobody wants to clean up dog vomit. Make car rides more enjoyable for you and your furry pal.


A Pet Blanket

Are you someone who likes to pamper your dogs and give them loads of extra love? The Pawz Pet Blanket might be the perfect gift for your dog.

Dogs love to snuggle up and sleep. I mean, who doesnโ€™t love that. I would prefer to be doing that right now. If only I had a soft plush blanket with me... Well, I donโ€™t but your dog can have one.

Your pet blanket can be used in different settings. Place it on your pet's bed, on your couch, or even in your car.ย  We reckon it works as good as it looks and it looks great.

The PaWz Pet Calming Blanketย is easy to clean and maintain. Give it a quick shake-out or send it through the washing machine. Your pet blanket is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.


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