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Summer care for your dog

As Smash Mouth said: Well, the days get longer, and they don’t stop warming. Fed up with the heat and you hit the ground running. Doesn’t make sense not to live for fun. Your dog gets smart, but your legs get tired. So what’s wrong with walking at nights? You’ll never know if you don’t go.

You don’t even want to go outside because it is too warm, but dogs are built differently. Staying cool is the trick to surviving summer. Turn on the sprinkler in your backyard for your dog to play with. Stroll under trees in the park. Drive down to the beach. Or laze about inside with aircon.


Watering your dog

If your child is too hot, they can tell you. If your dog is too hot, you need to look for the signs. Or even better, you can proactively look after your dog and keep them cool. If your dog is panting, has a dry nose, thick saliva, or not moving much then they might be too hot.

Always make sure your dog has access to cool water. Fill up one of our water bowls and leave it in the shade. If you are out in a park there might be a dog bowl by the water taps or bring one yourself. Always carry a water bottle and bowl just in case.

In more extreme situations, you may need to add an electrolyte mixture to their water or get a specially formulated dog electrolyte drink. It is worth consulting a vet before you might get into such a tricky situation.


And of course, you can always partially fill up a container with water and freeze it. Take it out of your freezer and fill the rest with water. Now your dog has chilled water to keep them cool. Prep a few frozen water containers to last through a hot day.


You can always water your dog or let your dog water themselves. Get a dog pool, fill it up and let your dog jump and splash. It is safe to leave your dog unsupervised by the pool for all but the smallest of dogs. You can always turn the sprinkler on and watch them run through the water. Fun and cooling.


Hot roads and hotter cars

Guess what? You are probably wearing shoes or thongs when you are outside. Is that bitumen road hot under the sun? My word it is. But you aren’t walking barefoot so you are fine. What about your puppy? That hot ground can be painful for his paws.

Get smart. Walk on grass or in shaded areas. If you wouldn’t walk it barefoot, then save your dog the pain. You can always get your dog some dog shoes. Perhaps your dog will like them or instead walk your dog in cooler areas.


But really guess what? Cars get hot. Like really, really hot in the sun. Sometimes you could cook an egg on your dashboard when it gets that hot. I would not risk leaving my dog in my car. Sure I will be only two minutes but what if something happens and I am much longer.

Always take your dog out of your car with you. Put a leash on them and tie them up outside the shops. Make sure they are in the shade even if you are ducking in for some milk and bread.


But summer is hot and you want to go outside with your dog. Consider a cooling vest. Wet it before putting it on your dog. Let evaporation cool your dog down as you head out into the sun. If the vest dries off, then wet it again. Protect your puppy.


Sand + Dog = Joy

Pack your car and drive to your local dog-friendly beach. Put your dog on a leash and carry everything onto the beach. Set up your dog cooling station. Use your cooling mat and put it under your sun shelter. Perhaps the surf will keep your dog cool enough. If not, they can rest in the shade.

You can pack some towels and an ice pack. Keep the ice packs in your esky until they are ready to be used. Wrap the ice packs in a damp towel for the perfect way to keep any dog cool. Or combine your cooling dog bed with ice packs for the ultimate dog cooling effect.


Stay safe

Remember, plan, prepare and then have fun. Owning a dog is a responsibility but also a joy. Your dog manages the heat differently to you so be on the lookout. If you have other great ideas on how to look after your dog in hot weather then leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.

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Melissa Betche - February 28, 2023

Hi owner, You always provide great examples and real-world applications, thank you for your valuable contributions.

Lachlan Rivard - February 28, 2023

Dear admin, Thanks for the well-organized and comprehensive post!

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