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Get your dog active before it is too late

What is the cost of a succulent Chinese meal? Well, if you eat enough of them, you will soon need larger pants. You ever felt fat and lazy? Ordering takeaway does make life easier. Healthy meals are overrated anyway.

But how much better do you feel when you start getting active and eating healthy? Now you have energy to beat whatever the day will throw at you. The difference can be dramatic. It will take some work and dedication, but the results are worth it.

Your dog is not so different to you. They can suffer from lack of energy and being a bit on the heavy side. Help your dog live their best life. Turn them from being unable to race a tortoise to flying past a rabbit. Dogs can suffer all the health problems we do but donโ€™t have the voice to tell us the problem.

Is my dog active enough?

How can you tell if your dog is active enough? I mean, look at them. Can you see ribs or rolls of fat? Could they still fit in their kennel? If you are still wondering, then look at old pictures of your dog. What did they look like? Were they sleek? Did they have great definition? Weight gain is slow and sneaky.

Sometimes it is hard to tell until you take a moment to think. Or you could ask your friend whether your dog is fat. They will know. If you donโ€™t have a large backyard and you donโ€™t take your dog out for a walk, chances are they are chonkers.

Different breeds need different levels of exercise. Puppies, adult dogs, and elderly dogs have varied needs. Your puppy may get tired after a few minutes of play while your adult dog can keep going and going.

So how do I get my dog fit again?

The first step in dog fitness club is getting your house in order. You need to get active. If you are already fit, then you are ahead of the pack. If you arenโ€™t, then get moving. A small walk around the block is a great place to start. Walk with your dog so you both build up your fitness. You could try the couch to 5km routine.

Get fitter together. Grab a leash and walk your dog. If your dog misbehaves then behavior training might be on the cards. If your dog is new to an area, they might like to stop and inspect everything along the path. Give them time. Soon you will be able to walk together at a good pace.

Stay within your limits. Start exercising and donโ€™t overdo it. If you are both starting from a low base of fitness, then it may be slow but persevere. If your dog is too fat or unmotivated, then you will have to try something else. Give your dog some treats if they are food motivated.

Remember, dogs are pack animals. Try and get some exercise in, around other dogs. Each dog is different. Spend some time at the dog park so your dog can make more friends.

Exercise can be fun too

Exercise makes you healthy, but exercise can be fun too. Head out to a nearby trail and start hiking. Explore the great outdoors together. Bring a few friends along. Take some snacks and have a picnic.

Visit new areas. Load your dog up into your car. Make sure you get a dog car seat covers first. Keep your car clean. Your dog might be clean when you leave home but what happens if they jump in the lake?

Give your dog some independence and get a dog rampย for them. If your dog is a bit too small or a bit too heavy or a bit too old, then a heavy-duty dog ramp is for them. Protect your dogโ€™s joints so you can enjoy their company for longer.

But it is hard!

Owning a dog is a long-term commitment. Changing your lifestyle is hard but it is worth it. Unconditional love from your furry friend. Think of what you could be doing together. Improve your life for yourself and your doggo.

The best time to start a new routine is now but it is hard work. It takes at least 18 daysย to form a habit. On average it may take you two months for your new active lifestyle to become your new norm.

Dogs love and appreciate routines too. Every time you get some exercise together, say and do the same things. Dogs take after you. You are the leader of their pack. Active owner, active pet. Lazy owner, lazy pet.

Build a permanent routine. Get out of the house with your dog. If you have ever had a dog or been around a dog, then you will sense when it is walk time. You should have no troubles getting your dog to go for a walk. In fact, you may need to hide that it will happen since they get so excited.

Pick a time every day or a few times a week where you can get out of the house. Go out early morning before your activities start for the day. Wind down right after work with a walk to the local park. Go for a stroll after dinner with your wife and dogs.

What are the dangers of exercising?

The heavier your dog, the more strain you will put on their body. You may need to focus on their diet and get their weight down before you can start exercising with them. It is the same for yourself. Exercise builds muscle. Diet removes excess weight.

Look for the warning signs with your dog. If they struggle to move after an exercise session, then you may have overdone it. If you are concerned, then consult a vet before you start your new road to fitness. Some wise advice now could save some pain down the track.

But what about all the dance moves?

Once your dog is fit and active, now the fun begins. You can train them to do all the dance moves. All the fitness and agility work has paid off. Teach your dough how to reverse, twist, target stick, pick up stick, commando and more. Why not teach them to roll over, weave, circle me, stand tall and walk tall.

Once you have taught your dog some moves, combine them together for a โ€œdance routineโ€. Build up different routines. The smarter your dog is, the more advanced things they can learn. Some breeds will only be able to learn a few moves and that is alright.

And guess what? You win too.

You are already healthier than most because you own a dog. Your dog can help prevent chronic disease in you. Walking your dog helps reduce the risk of diabetes. Even children benefit. Dogs help prevent autoimmune diseases and allergies in children.

Dogs make you friends. We think it is a proven fact. Walk around your block with your dog and see how many people want to stop and chat. Head off to the dog park and you will be chatting with other dog owners in no time at all.

So, what is stopping you? Get your dog active before it is too late.

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