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9 Tips For Travelling With Your Dog -

9 Tips For Travelling With Your Dog

Our number one tip is to stay in Australia if you have pets. We have lovely beaches, fabulous forests, and intriguing city areas. Stay in Australia. Avoid international travel and you avoid cumbersome pet quarantine regulations. Travel local with your cat or dog.

It is easier to travel around Australia. So, what should you know? Well, unless you are walking around a local park, you will need to transport your pet. When we say pet, we really mean your dog. Cats and other pets don’t enjoy travel as much.

Plan Ahead

Being a dog owner means planning. You might be able to go everywhere but that is not true of your canine friend. Not every hotel or Airbnb will allow you to take a dog with you. Australia bans dogs and pets from almost all national parks so check ahead. Most restaurants don’t allow pets inside either.

A quick phone call or a brief read of a website will help you know which places are dog friendly. A quick tip if you are travelling to Tasmania, there are further restrictions. Have a read of this factsheet (

Car Travel

Take your best friend with you on your car trips. Do the big lap around Australia. Life is more fun when you can share it with someone you care about. Furry friends are best friends. They will never challenge your choice of music too.

You can always head off for a weekend and go camping. Keep the costs down and experience life off the beaten track. Keep your dog comfy with a dog bed. You could even grab the calming dog bed to avoid dogs anxious in cars. you use at home and throw it across the back seat. Find your pet supplies at PaWz pet store.

Public Transport

Check the rules for your state or territory. There are a lot of restrictions in Australia. Place your dog in a pet carrier if you are on a bus, train, tram, or ferry that allows it. Trying to take your pet on long distance public transport is not allowed. Take your car or campervan for a holiday. You can always catch a flight too but that has its own risks.

The rules for pets don’t apply to assistant, hearing or guide dogs. Companion animals follow the same rules as pets. So if you want to take your pet on public transport, it might be more hassle than it is worth.

Food and Water

Dogs are a bit less fussy with food than you are, but they still get hungry. Make sure to pack your dog’s favourite treats. Grab a water bowl and fill it up for them at each stop. Depending on location, you might need to bring your own bottled water. If you wouldn’t drink the local water, your dog shouldn’t either.

Best to go with single serves for wet food too. The chances you will have refrigeration is low. If you head out in your campervan though. Go crazy. You can always connect in a portable fridge too. Keep your dog food safe and your beers cold.

Eating on the road

You might get a bit hungry too. Lucky for you, it is legal for dogs to be with you in outside eating areas. Individual cafes and restaurants may have rules restricting pets. If you are super lucky, some pubs might even allow your dog inside.

You should expect to tie your dog up while you eat. Keep them on a leash at all times. Make sure your dog is on its best behavior. Everyone loves patting dogs, and you might make some friends at your pit stop.

Plan your bathroom breaks

Adults are great. They can tell you ahead of time when they need to go to the bathroom. Children can be tricky, but they will let you know. Your dog may give you warning signs, or they may cause a mess in your car. Use one of our dog car hammock. Cover your backseat so any accidents are easy to clean.

What you should be doing is planning regular bathroom breaks. Have a stretch, get the blood flowing, and give your puppy a chance to relieve themselves. Even better, you will get to experience more of Australia.

Flying with fido

Not everyone likes driving. Sometimes your destination is a bit further afield. Driving from Melbourne to Cairns to escape a Melbourne winter is a long trip. Save time and take your dog with you on the plane. You will need to get yourself an airline compliant pet carrier. Make sure to book your pet in when you get your ticket.

It is also worth considering using a specialized pet transport company. Let them worry about getting your pet to your holiday destination. You can focus on yourself. Save time but not having to organize it all yourself.

Accommodation tips

Camping is cheap, freeing and fun. You can pick your spot for the night. Sometimes campsites aren’t suitable for pitching a tent. Make the best of a bad situation or just drive on to the next spot.

You don’t have to camp away from civilization. Try a caravan park or find a hotel that loves dogs as much as you. Sometimes it can be hard to find a dog friendly venue. Mention you have a dog when you are booking to save any heartache later on.

There are many pet friendly hotels around. Speak to the hotel directly to understand their position on pets. A hotel might be happy with a Jack Russell but reject a Great Dane.

Whatever accommodation you choose, nobody wants to clean up after your dog. Grab some puppy training pad. Make sure your dog gets regular bathroom breaks and bring a poop bag wherever you go.

What to bring?

Create yourself a checklist before heading off on your big adventure. Top of that list should be games and toys for your dog. Keep them entertained as you are travelling. Make them happy when you get there. 

Now that you have the fun stuff out of the way. You might need the serious things. Bring food/water bowls, a leash or two, a car harness, plastic bags (for waste), toilet pads, cargo seat cover, and anything else you might need. It can be hard to buy pet supplies on your trip so plan ahead.


Travelling with your dog

We hope these tips have been helpful in informing you of what it is like to travel with a dog. If you would like us to research other pet topics, please let us know.
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