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3 Reasons Your Pup (Really) Needs A Dog Ramp -

3 Reasons Your Pup (Really) Needs A Dog Ramp

As your furry friend grows older, they begin to lack that spring in their step. What they could jump over when they were young is too hard for them now. Small pups struggle too. In fact, jumping down from a lounge might be too much for them. So, what's the solution?

Drumroll...Dog ramps! Ramps can help your pooch get up and down and prevent lifelong injuries. Here are some signs that itโ€™s time to invest in one.


Your Dog Is Ageing and Finds It Harder To Jump

First up, if your dog is struggling to jump onto furniture or into your car, then give them a helping hand. A ramp reduces the strain on their joints.ย 

Give them independence and let them get up onto your couch alongside you. You love having your dog in bed? Set up a ramp so they can come and snuggle and their leisure. Our furry companions are family members. As your dog ages, they become more fragile. Prioritise their health and safety to ensure they stay injury-free.

Members of our pet community have been loving theย PaWz Adjustable Dog Rampย โ€“ it's strong, versatile, and slides away when not in use.

Our ramp has three height settings so your dog can walk onto your car, couch or bed. We also have other styles if that dog ramp doesnโ€™t suit your needs.


Vet Visits Are Getting Expensive (Or About To)

Vet visits are costly โ€“ especially if your furry friend is prone to back injuries. The cost of surgery for Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) can be steep, starting from $1500 and potentially rising to $4000. That is the price for looking after your furry friend.

Julie from Adelaide can vouch for the ramp's benefits. It helped her dachshund safely recover correctly after being diagnosed with the disease.
"The Ramp has been a lifesaver for Maxi! He had been diagnosed with IVDD and is still recovering after the discovery months ago. We went with the conservative treatment rather than the operation. He can now safely get up on the couch for cuddles, and back down again. Thanks PaWz.โ€


You Donโ€™t Have To Sacrifice Your Style

Just because you're investing in your dog's safety, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your home's style. The PaWz Adjustable Dog Rampย is stylish and fits into any home. Don't believe us? Demi from Sydney left a review just last week: โ€œโ€œSo happy with the ramp and my mini dachshund Franki loves it as well. Fits in nicely with my decor, no more ugly plastic stairs!โ€

The ramp is crafted out of solid, furniture-grade MDF, and is layered in a dark grey carpet to help your dog walk along it.ย 

Your PaWz Dog Ramp supports your dog's physical well-being and complements your home decor too.

Don't hesitate, give your furry friend the gift of mobility and safety. Get your dog a ramp delivered straight to your door!

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